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Worship Sundays at 10 am 25 Columbian Street in S. Weymouth All are welcome!

What to Expect

We want you to feel absolutely comfortable when you visit us at Old South Union Church! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our worship.

How do I get there?

You can find directions here.

Where do I park?

We recommend most people park in the lot that is across from the church and adjacent to South Shore Hospital. The lot is designated “Cameo Theater and Church Parking.” There are additional parking spaces right around the church for those who need them. You can also park on Torrey Street.

What happens in a typical worship service?

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by an usher and handed a bulletin, which will have the order of worship, the numbers for hymns, upcoming events, and other important information about the life of our church. Our typical worship includes time for singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and preaching. We offer communion on the first Sunday of each month and often hold baptism services on the third Sunday. You can read more about worship here.

How long is a typical service?

Our services normally last one hour, but may be longer or shorter depending on the time of year and the type of service. In general, services that include communion or baptism go slightly over, while summertime services go slightly under an hour.

When should I arrive?

Most people arrive 5-10 minutes before the service starts at 10:00 am. If you show up early, you’ll be warmly greeted by an usher and you’ll have the opportunity to talk with church regulars. If you show up a bit late, don’t worry — our team of ushers will be there to help you find an available seat no matter when you arrive.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. People show up in everything from suits and ties to hoodies and jeans. We believe that God cares more about the state of our heart than the state of our attire, so come as you are.

Do you offer childcare or Sunday School?

We welcome children of all ages in our regular service, but we also provide childcare and Sunday School. Children ages zero through three are welcome in our nursery, which always includes at least two loving adult volunteers. You are also welcome to stay with your child in the nursery, where we have audio set up so you can still hear the service. Children in pre-K through 8th grade begin in worship and then transition to Sunday School, where children learn about God and Bible stories through storytelling, cooking, singing, and playing games. You can read more about Sunday School here.

What if my child gets overstimulated by worship? What if I get overstimulated?

We recognize that worship can be an overwhelming sensory experience for many children and adults. We also know that many children and adults still want to stay connected with worship, even if they can’t remain in the sanctuary. Our church has a designated Soothing Space Room designed to be a low sensory environment where we still have the audio from our worship service piped in. If you have concerns about your child or yourself becoming overstimulated, please see one of our deacons before worship so they can show you the Soothing Space Room, just in case you need it. You can always return to worship after you or your child has calmed down and feels ready to reengage.

What happens after worship?

After worship, you can leave if you need to, or join us for food and fellowship in our vestry. We love to catch up with one another after worship, and we’d love to meet you, too!

Do you offer support for people with disabilities?

Our church is handicap accessible through the Torrey Street entrance, the one with the big green doors. Through this entrance, you will find an elevator that will take you to the top level of our church building, where our sanctuary is located.

Do you offer support for those with hearing difficulties?

We provide assistive hearing devices for those with hearing difficulties so you can enjoy the entire service from start to finish. Simply ask an usher, and they will locate a hearing device for you.

What's the music like?

We love to sing traditional Christian hymns, accompanied by either organ or piano. We also include other music throughout our service, including responses sung by our whole congregation and anthems sung by our choir. You can read more about our music here.  

Do I have to sing?

While we encourage you to sing, you absolutely do not have to if you don’t want to.

Do I have to put my money in the offering plate?

As a guest, you don’t have to give anything. Our ministry is supported by the generosity of our members. If you do give, you can know that your gift will go towards the amazing work that God is doing in and through our church.

What if my question isn't answered here?

You can reach out to one of our pastors, Rev. Jennie at or Rev. Brian at They’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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