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Worship Sundays at 10 am 25 Columbian Street in S. Weymouth All are welcome!

Who We Are

Old South Union Church is a congregation with a rich history (we were founded in 1723!), but we are not stuck in the past. Our congregation is vibrant and alive and ready to welcome you into our midst!

Old South Union Church is a congregation located at the heart of Weymouth and the South Shore. On Sunday mornings and throughout the week, we offer a warm welcome to all who make their way through our doors. We are a congregation that delights in being together for worship and fellowship, for Sunday School and Bible study, for prayer and service. All of these opportunities are open to members and visitors alike. It is through the sharing of our faith with old friends and new that we strengthen our commitment to God and deepen our connection to one another.

Our mission is not just to serve as a gathering place for our members, though. We are a congregation that cares deeply for the community around us, and we are passionate about making a difference in the world. Members and non-members alike make use of our building throughout the week, and our 750-member Youth Group has brought thousands of young people and their families through our doors over the years. Hundreds of hungry people have been fed through our weekly Pop-Up Pantry, which we host in partnership with the Weymouth Food Pantry. Service opportunities near and far invite us to live out our call to be the Body of Christ, sharing the love of God in the heart of our community and beyond.

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